Watch Repair Services in Santa Monica, CA

Time is gold and so is your watch! Whether it is truly made of gold or not (and it doesn’t have to be!), your timepiece will need regular maintenance every once in a while. With Heist Jewelry, may it be we can make your valuable timepiece accessory look brand new and functional.

Our skilled professional technicians can perform the following services like:

  • Fixes and repairs

Even watches undergo wear and tear, as well as accidents, which can affect their inner workings and outer appearance. Whether it’s a dismantled screw or a broken band, Heist Jewelry can fix it for you!

  • Battery Change
Time is of the essence as they say, and it waits for no one! Every ticking second counts…well, that is until your battery runs out. To get the time on your watch up and running again, you can bring your timepiece accessory to us at Heist Jewelry for a battery change!
  • Bracelet sizing, adjust and install
Are you wearing a watch that’s either too loose or too tight on your wrist? It sounds like some adjustments are needed to be made. In case you also didn’t know, our Certified Service Technicians at Heist Jewelry specialize in providing service and repair on luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier, and Breitling to name a few. You can bring them over to us for that much-needed adjustment.


Why Choose Heist Jewelry for Watch Repair in Santa Monica, CA

We at Heist Jewelry are all about bringing you the latest trends in jewelry and watches for a good price while making sure that they are also prolonged for lifelong and optimal performance. Given our state-of-the-art facilities paired with the latest technology, we can get your valuable timepiece accessories up and running while making them aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Got a watch in need of repair? Waste no more time and call us at 310-395-3205 or visit our stores at Montana Ave and Euclid St. in Santa Monica.