Vintage & Estate Jewelry Store in Santa Monica, CA

Any diamonds, luxury watches, and gold jewelry that you have on hand could be worth more than you think. If you need cash, or you want to trade them in for new jewelry, bring them in and get them evaluated. We’ll give you an expert one while you wait.

We want to buy:

  • Vintage Timepiece

Do you have a watch that you’re not using but is made from brands like Omega, Tudor, or Cartier? That piece can definitely give you plenty of cash. Whether it’s pre-1980 or even older, you can be sure that we’re interested in seeing it and taking it off your hands.

    • Estate Jewelry
    Estate jewelry can be any piece that you inherited but do not wear. They can be made from gold, platinum, diamonds, and other colored precious gemstones. Whether they’re necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, or any other form, bring them and let us take a look!
    • Gold
    Vintage or antique gold refers to gold that is over 100 years old. And if you have gold pieces that don’t have hallmarks, it could mean they’re really old - and really valuable. Come by our shop and let us check that for you. Who knows, you might hit the jackpot!


    Why Sell to Heist Jewelry in Santa Monica, CA

    Heist Jewelry has countless years of experience with vintage jewelry and timepieces. Our expert buyers and certified gemologists who are part of our staff are more than qualified to offer you the best prices possible for your precious pieces. Just bring in your pieces with the paperwork, and as soon as we agree on the price, you’ll get immediate payment. Call us at 310-395-3205 or visit our website to learn more.