Silver Restoration, Repair, Polishing in Santa Monica, CA

Are your silver pieces damaged, need cleaning, or need to be returned to their original beautiful appearance? Heist Jewelry can do that for you! We offer silver restoration, repair, and polishing services - they’re everything you’ll need. And with our experience and expertise, you’ll have peace of mind trusting your precious silver pieces to us!

Services Include:

  • Silver Polishing

If your silver pieces are looking less than shiny, polishing is the way to go! Our artisans will go through the process rigorously to make your pieces look brand new without damaging them in the process.

    • Silver Repair
    Whatever silver you may have, they’re not designed to be repaired. But whatever damage has happened - be it because of use, accidents, or neglect - our craftsmen will find a way to improve your pieces’ overall appearances.
    • Silver Restoration
    If polishing and repair can’t fix your silver’s appearance, it might need to be re-silvered. We can do that too, as well as give you tips for cleaning and storing your valuable silver pieces so that they’ll be as protected as possible. We can even lacquer them so that no further tarnishing will occur.


    Professional Silver Restoration, Repair, Polishing in Santa Monica, CA

    Heist Jewelry has the qualifications you can rely on. We’ll have extensive metalworking and handcrafting skills that ensure that our silver restoration, repair, and polishing services are properly done while making sure that your pieces are handled carefully. We won’t be rushing through any process, so you can be confident that all your requirements will be met. Set an appointment with us today at 310-395-3205 or visit our website to learn more!