Pearl & Bead Restringing Services in Santa Monica, CA

Your necklaces and bracelets with pearls are beads are probably one of your go-to accessories. However, one wrong move can damage the strand holding them together. The unfortunate result would be pearls or beads flying everywhere! But if that happens, don’t worry. Heist Jewelry’s pearl and bead restringing services can save your jewelry! We’ll repair and make it wearable once again!

Services Include:

  • Pearl Restringing

Pearl restringing requires skilled expertise and precision - good thing our artisans have both! They’ll not only thread the beads or pearls back together, but they will also be threaded and double-knotted to make the accessory stronger and more durable than before.

Very few jewelers offer the service of Pearl restringing in NYC. It requires skilled expertise and precision to thread the beads back together. Moreover, to add to the luxury of the piece, most pearl necklaces are threaded by using a silk thread. Each pearl then double knotted to make the necklace or bracelet more durable and add strength to it.

    • Bead Restringing
    For us, it doesn’t matter what your beads are made of, whether glass, wood, metal, or a different material. We’ll take a look at your accessory and restring the beads expertly. We can even use the same thread you had before so you can stay with your original look.
    • What Is “knotted Vs. Unknotted”?
    Knotted restringing can protect the quality of beads and gemstones. On the other hand, some pieces will look better without the knots in between. Don’t worry - we will be on hand to advice you on whatever the best option is for your particular piece.

    Choose Us for Pearl & Bead Restringing in Santa Monica, CA

    At Heist Jewelry, we ensure that we carefully examine each piece to ensure the quality of our work. And with plenty of experience behind us, you can be sure you won’t be getting any shoddy work or faulty parts. Just visit our store and we’d be happy to get started on any restringing you may need. Call us at 310-395-3205 to make an appointment or visit our website to inquire!