Custom Jewelry Design Service in Santa Monica, CA

Jewelry is a form of art and a strong form of self-expression. It adds a more personalized touch to the wearer, increasing its value tenfold. Here at Heist Jewelry, our skilled Jewelry Design Experts possess the necessary knowledge and skills to perform various jewelry services, including customization.

Heist Jewelry Customization Process

  • Dedicated Service

We take in jewelry pieces that are similar to the styles that we sell in our collection. Don’t worry, we will carefully assess before we can consign your pre-loved and pre-owned pieces. To give you an idea, these are some of the jewelry items we accept:

  • How to Price Consignment Jewelry
Teaming up with dedicated and passionate professional jewelers to help you go through the process of customizing your pieces can come at a big advantage. We can offer you a free consultation as a headstart! We can help you create a new jewelry design from scratch, engrave your engagement ring, or even personalize any of your existing pieces according to your liking.
  • Personalized Design
As soon as you have decided to proceed to the design stage, our experts will continue to work with you in developing your idea into something more concrete. We will also discuss with you the projected price quotation of this project and then present you with a 3D visual model of your idea.
  • Fine craftsmanship
After you have approved everything, your 3D design is ready for manufacturing! You have the option to choose another manufacturer or let Heist Jewelry finish fine craftsmanship work. We can guarantee that we will be with you up until the finish line. We are just as thrilled as you to see the final outcome of this project come to life!

Talk to a Jewelry Design Expert in Santa Monica, CA

Here at Heist Jewelry, we live for jewelry pieces. We believe that jewelry is an artistic way of expressing one’s self and bringing out one’s uniqueness. While we have our own collection to showcase, we are also advocates of jewelry customization! Our Jewelry Design Experts are here to share their sparkling ideas and help you bring your personalized jewelry design vision to life. If you have a photo, a sketch, or any inspiration pegs, you can bring them over to us at our stores. Likewise, if you are interested to know more about our services and seeing our products, you can call us at 310-395-3205 or visit our website.