Personalized Jewelry Engraving in Santa Monica, CA

We at Heist Jewelry believe that if you want to make a piece unique to you and to be a bit more personalized, then engraving is the way to go. Whatever piece of jewelry that is, and whatever surface it has, whether flat or curved, let’s add some engraving to make it truly yours!

Types of Jewelry Engraving:

You have two options to choose from, machine engraving and hand engraving.

  • Machine Engraving

Machine engraving involves using tools that are computer-controlled. That means engraving can be as specific as you want. That also means you’ll get a high level of precision and depth. You can choose this option if you want plenty of pieces that will feature the exact same engraving.

    • Hand Engraving
    On the other hand, if you want more character and less perfection for your jewelry, go with hand engraving. Our skilled artisans would be happy to engrave your pieces for you, whether you’re only going to have one engraved or plenty.


    Get Personalized Jewelry in Santa Monica, CA

    Whether you choose machine engraving or hand engraving, rest assured that with Heist Jewelry, the turnaround time will be quick. You’ll have your pick of designs, whether it involves a specific font or even an image. And rest assured that you’ll receive nothing but the best service and quality of work. Call us at 310-395-3205 or visit our website to set an appointment today!