Diamond and Gem Recutting Services in Santa Monica, CA

Whether you have a diamond or a different gem, you can be sure that the sparkling precious stone is the one piece in your jewelry that will catch the eye of anyone that looks your way. The more they shine, the better your piece looks. But as with anything, they can get damaged, scratched, or even break over time. Not to worry though - Heist Jewelry has gem recutting services that will make your precious stone look brand new when we’re done with it!

Heist Jewelry Process:

  • Inspection

Our master craftsman will first check your gemstone using a microscope to see how bad the damage is and if any gem material was lost. Once the damage is seen, our staff will determine how to go about restoring your stone’s original appearance.

    • Recutting
    Your gem will recut the damaged area by shaving away layers from the gem. All angles will be looked at to ensure that everything is even.
    • Polishing
    Once the desired shape is achieved and there are no longer signs of any damage, your gemstone will be polished so that it sparkles like new all over again.
    • Restoring & Reshaping
    Recutting doesn’t only happen when you want a gem repaired. You might want to adjust the cut of your gem for a different look, either to make it more modern or give it a bit of a vintage flair. That’s something we can do for you as well.


    Choose Us for Diamond and Gem Recutting Services in Santa Monica, CA

    For years, Heist Jewelry has been restoring and recutting diamonds and other gems for our clients in the Santa Monica, CA area. Let us do the same for you. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable, and our services are top-of-the-line, so you can trust us to handle your recutting needs. If your diamond or gem has lost some of its luster, let us take care of it. Contact us today at 310-395-3205 or visit our website to learn more about our services.